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Best Audio Interface Guide 2014 – Firewire, Thunderbolt and USB

The purpose of this guide is to help you choose the Audio Interface that is right for you. There are many different mic models on the market and they all have different features so it’s no straightforward task to pick the right one. There is no “best” audio interface, it depends what you want to do with it. Hopefully our Audio Interface Guide will help point you in the right direction so you can make an informed choice and find something to meet your requirements. Probably the main thing you need to consider is the number of input channels that you require.

The Best 2 Channel Audio Interface

A 2 input audio interface allows you to record 2 sound sources simultaneously. These devices are perfect for a solo singer songwriter but are not great if you want to record a whole band at the same time.

The Best 4 Channel Audio Interface

A 4 channel interface obviously gives you more recording flexibility. If you have a duo this

The Best 8 Channel Audio Interface

The Best 16 Channel Audio Interface

To correctly mic a drum kit you might use upwards of 5 microphones and they will require 5 input channels. A 16 channel audio interface starts to allow you to record bands live without multiple overdubs so we are really starting to move away from the spare bedroom studio and into the realms of the semi-pro home studio.

The Best 24 Channel Audio Interface


Frequently Asked Questions?

What Is An Audio Interface?

An audio interface is the piece of kit in a recording studio that captures sound via microphones, line channels  and converts these analogue sources into the digital zeros and ones that your computer understands.

Usb, Firewire or Thunderbolt?

Every external audio interface needs to somehow connect to the computer to deliver the

What Are AD/DA Converters?

What Is Phantom Power and Do I Need It?

What Are Microphone Preamps?

What Is Latency?

Audio latency refers to a delay… zero latency monitoring means they the input signal is routed and blended with the output so that you can hear what you are inputting through the microphone.

What Sample Rate Do I Need?

16 bit or 24 bit? What Are Bits?

What Is A DAW?

A DAW is a digital audio workstation.

What Audio Interface Should I Use With My DAW software… Cubase / Logic / Reaper / Garageband / Protools / MuLab /Digital Performer / Cakewalk Sonar / Reason / Studio One / Ableton Live / FL Studio ???

Should I Buy An Audio Interface Bundle?

Retailers know that people who are buying their first audio interface often are in the market for buying additional items such as headphones, studio monitors or microphones. To try to tempt buyers into buying everything they need in the one go many retailers have created an audio interface bundle that can be great value for money. The important thing is to make sure you don’t let the lure of a bargain tempt you into buying the wrong equipment. Our advice is to choose your audio interface first and then check for any deals after.  

Best Audio Interface Guide

Helping You Get Crystal Clear Audio

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